Michael B.

I took this retreat. It was excellent.

Great information and a good way to work the step.  Excellent written materials, each participant got their own tool box and tools.  Plus there is the benefit of the great fellowship.  Andrew has done this many times before and is a helpful, intelligent and completely nonjudgmental facilitator.

Justin B.

The Step 4 retreat was the ideal setting to dig into my personal inventory.  The quiet and intimacy of the retreat allowed me to make huge strides in my 12 Step work in a thoughtful, safe, and supportive atmosphere.  The work has stood the test of life and time and provided a foundation to proceed through the rest of the steps

David O.

I have an appointment for my 5th.  I am prepared for it now. I have looked back on the retreat often, with positive thoughts, and yes, I would recommend it.  I do talk about it with my sponsor as well, and how it brought out even more.  He sees a constant change for the better in me.

Thank you for your guidance. 

I continue to be in a good place.