Move Forward with your 4th Step

Having trouble getting through Step 4? Let us help. Life often does not provide the time, encouragement, and direction to complete this step. These time slots and weekend retreats are designed to help you move forward with your recovery. 

Take the step with us

You will be led through the inventory process in a safe and supportive atmosphere where you will have one-on-one guidance, peer support, and time for quiet reflection. The materials, exercises, and discussions will enable you to move forward with this pivotal point in your recovery.  

A note about COVID-19:  The pandemic has eliminated in person retreats for the time being.  For now we are taking the retreats on-line in virtual segments.


How it works

The retreat segments (or on-line segments) are designed to lead the participant through each section of the step with direction and support. We go through: assets, flaws, fears, resentments, sex inventory, delusions, and other aspects of your inventory. Because there are often feelings that come up during the process, there are also times for you to share if you so choose.  You are not expected or encouraged to share anything you are not comfortable sharing.  What you write is yours, it is not our business.  The sharing, if you choose to, is just to help with feelings and get feedback.


The Process


The COVID-19 Changes

Up until now we have only done in person retreats.  COVID-19  is forcing a change.  We are adapting the process to on-line format.

Go-to Meetings

We are adapting the process to occur at various times during the  week depending on demand and facilitator availability.  For now it is going to be 7:30p on Sunday nights (US Eastern time) using Goto Meeting

Initial Contact Stage

We want to understand a little bit about you.  Where you are at with your recovery journey.  What your addictions are.  What your sponsor and support system of meetings at home is like.  You can begin by sending in your information on the Contact Us page

The Various Segments

We will go through the process in segments focusing on Assets, Resentments, fears, etc.  While we have the in-person down pat, we are working through how the on-line version will go.  We are planning a series of guided sections on each topic such that you have a written inventory to go on to Step 5.

What you need

You need Honesty, Open-mindedness, and Willingness.  We will need to e-mail some of the forms and materials.  We hope to figure out a way to do downloads off this site at some point.  You will need the ability to join and participate in an on-line meeting.  Currently, we are using Goto Meeting (it is similar to Zoom).

The Goal

The goal is for you to have a  written inventory to set up a time with your sponsor or whom you choose to do your fifth step with. 

The Cost

Time.  Energy.  Probably a few tears.  As for money, this is part of our recovery, there are no charges for the on-line sessions.  If we get back to in-person retreats, the only fees are for the retreat center and expenses.  The facilitators do this as part of their recovery in the spirit of 12 step fellowship